NEW SONG - "Zoo" ,Produced by Timbaland

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NEW SONG - "Zoo" ,Produced by Timbaland Empty NEW SONG - "Zoo" ,Produced by Timbaland

Post  Demos14 on Mon Nov 16, 2009 8:26 pm

A new song, titled "Zoo" leaked on the Internet today.
The song was produced by Timbaland and it's a DEMO from one of their recording sessions. No information about the date this song was recorded and if it's a new single or just a track that leaked. We know that Nicole is recording for an entirely new project, but with all these songs leaking we cannot be 100% sure that they are from the "Her Name is Nicole" recording sessions or from her new project.

I absolutely love "Zoo". It's agressive, fun, and catchy and it could actually work as a single with a great video clip.

Video via @NikkiScherzingerFan

NEW SONG - "Zoo" ,Produced by Timbaland Nicolesfsig
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